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- With packaging imperfections
- Close to his best before date
- Close to his expiration date
- Ugly food

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What products am I buying?


  • Packaging torn, damaged or broken, but intact inside
  • Packages and / or incomplete lots


They are fruits and vegetables ...

  • More mature
  • With defects of form
  • In incomplete trays or lots

expiration date

They are fresh and perishable products that approach their date of consumption. You can find it as:

  • Expiry date
  • Use by date
  • Expiration date

Close to its
best before date

They are products that are more durable and stable.

You will also find them with the following tags:

  • Best before date
  • Best by date
  • Best if Use By

What you should know

  • The minimum purchase is: 15 €
  • If you request delivery the minimum cost is 4.75 €
  • We currently deliver home throughout the city of Barcelona and Castelldefels
  • Also you can pick up your order at: Parcel Shop Apunts in Consell de Cent 217, 08011. The charge of this service is 1.79€
  • In any case, the type of payment is online, via credit or debit card